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How to do daily inspection of NC machine tools?

Routine inspection of CNC machine tools is to ensure safe operation every day. Once a fault occurs, routine inspection can help to determine the cause of the failure. Then, what about the routine inspection of CNC machines?

The daily inspection of CNC machine tools has the following aspects:

(1) oil and temperature in the tank. Observe the tank gauge, the liquid level in the tank should always maintain normal level, or to replenish the oil supplement brands must be the same as the system's oil grades, and tested in accordance with the provisions of the supplementary index; the oil must be filtered, filtering accuracy is not less than the accuracy of the system requirements.

(2) leakage of oil in each sealing part and pipe joint. The leakage of hydraulic system in working condition is unavoidable and common. Leakage leads to lower system pressure, instability of the actuator, waste of oil, energy consumption, low efficiency, rising oil temperature, pollution of the environment and potential fire hazard. System leaks often occur in fixed seals and moving seals. The leakage is usually caused by damaged parts, aging, damage or loose connection (vibration caused by pipe vibration), and should be checked and repaired in time. Non operating leakage is not allowed.

(3) whether the screw of the pressure regulating valve of the flow valve or other pressure valve is loose. Relief valve adjustment screw loose, will lead to the system operating pressure can not reach the predetermined value or can not afford to work pressure, the system can not work properly. Relief valve adjustment screw loose, will make the outlet pressure can not reach the predetermined value, so that the pressure circuit can not work properly.


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